Power Converters

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Variable Step Down Micro Modules

The MagI³C-VDMM (Variable Step Down Micro Module) power module family from Würth Elektronik is supplemented by more powerful 1A and 1.2A versions.

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New Integrated POL Increases Efficiency for High-density Applications

The new OptiMOS™ IR3826(A)M integrated point-of-load DC-DC regulator is a fully integrated and highly efficient device for applications such as Netcom router and switches,

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Marco Palma Joins Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) as Senior FAE Manager for Europe

In support of a widening customer base in Europe, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation has expanded its technical leadership team to assist customers in the adoption

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High Voltage Family of Controllers Reduces DC-to-DC Converter Cost and Size

LTC3892 is a versatile controller, widely used in automotive and industrial applications.

Victor Khasiev

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"Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces Ultra-Low Clamping Voltage High-Surge TVS"

Ideal for USB Type-C VBUS Protection for Laptops and Smartphones

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The Intelligent Power Module Concept for Motor Drive Inverters

Designers of inverters for small AC motors in consumer and general-pu

Philipp Jabs, Muzaffer Albayrak

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Soft-switching Gate Drive Solution from Pre-Switch Slashes Solar Inverter Costs

Pre-Switch, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up that emerged from stealth mode last year, has announced that its revolutionary soft-switching IGBT and silicon carbide gate driv

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RECOM adds Low profile QFN-package Power Module to its DC/DC Converter Portfolio

RECOM’s latest addition to its DC/DC converter portfolio is one of the smallest in its class of low profile QFN-packaged buck regulator power modules.

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New DC/DC Converter Series Comprises 24 Modules

Components Bureau is now offering a new high-quality range of 75-Watt isolated DC/DC converters from Cincon of Taiwan, certified to the latest EN 55032 EMC specification an

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Flex Power Modules adds active current sharing to BMR490 DC-DC converter

Flex Power Modules introduces the BMR490 DC-DC converter with active current sharing.