Solar-Powered Cars Compete in Athens-Olympia Rally

May 24, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Eighteen vehicles are now competing in central Athens ahead of the first-ever international solar car rally to be held in Greece. The single-seater cars, which run exclusively on electricity supplied by solar panels, are to cover over 800 km (496 miles) between May 23 and May 28, 2004, in the Phaethon 2004 race that has been incorporated into the Cultural Olympiad series of events ahead of the August Games.

The participants include vehicles built by universities in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and Greece. On May 23rd, the cars took part in a two-hour race at the old Hellenikon airport. On May 24th, the cars embarked on a route, including Patras, Olympia, Delphi and Itea, before returning to the capital on May 28th.