PEIC expands Board of Directors and Adds Members

April 23, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

The Power Electronics Industry Collaborative (PEIC) has expanded by adding Julian Styles, Director of Business Development USA with GaN Systems, to its Board of Directors and adding International Rectifier Corp. and Kettering University as new members. PEIC is the US industry consortium of suppliers, OEMS, stakeholders and research companies committed to accelerating development and growth of power electronics in the US. PEIC's aim is to increase investment in manufacturing capabilities and advance innovation in power electronics in the US as energy efficiency becomes ever more important globally. "We are thrilled that GaN Systems has joined PEIC's Board of Directors," said PEIC Board President, Mark Bellinger. "Julian's expertise is extremely valuable and he will certainly be a great addition to the Board."

PEIC’s primary focus is on applications related to transportation, renewables, and energy efficiency. PEIC is financially supported by member companies, including suppliers, manufacturers, researchers, and other stakeholders working to advance the power electronics industry in the U.S. Membership dues provide necessary resources required to facilitate, market, and advance the objectives of PEIC.

Styles comments: “Innovative semiconductor companies like GaN Systems succeed best when they are part of a thriving power electronics ecosystem. We are very impressed with PEIC’s efforts to build and strengthen this ecosystem in the USA, and are delighted to be able to get involved.”