Magna-Power Electronics Opens Sales Office in Germany

July 31, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Magna-Power Electronics announced the opening of its first international sales office, Magna-Power Electronics GmbH, outside Munich, Germany. The new sales office will foster the growing Magna-Power Electronics presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Eastern European countries. Furthermore, it solidifies the company’s commitment to local service and support for Europe.

Located in Ottobrunn, Germany, the new office represents a significant investment in the European market for Magna-Power Electronics. The new sales office allows the company to address the distinct requirements and applications of Germany and the surrounding countries. In particular, these applications include the emerging solar and electric vehicle markets, which demand high-power, rugged, and accurate programmable DC power supplies for both development and production purposes. In addition, the sales office will provide a fast turn-around for product servicing in the European market, strengthening the company’s local support.

The new Germany sales office comes at a time of significant growth for Magna-Power Electronics. In early-2012, the company completed an expansion, which more than doubled its Flemington, New Jersey manufacturing facility and added a new research and development center. Before even moving into this facility, the company brought lead-time of nearly all built-to-order products to within 2-3 weeks. In mid-2012, the company continued construction at this facility with the third phase of its manufacturing facility expansion, set for completion at the end of 2012.