PCIM Preview: Power Electronics Companies to Present Latest Tech in Germany

May 05, 2023 by Shannon Cuthrell

Leading power electronics players will showcase new and staple products at this year’s PCIM Europe exhibition in Germany. 

PCIM Europe, one of the biggest annual trade shows in the power electronics market, is coming up on May 9–11 in Nuremberg, Germany. The world’s top manufacturers will present new and staple products across several end markets this year, from electric vehicle components and charging systems to intelligent motion to renewable energy and energy storage applications. 


PCIM Europe 2022

PCIM Europe 2022. Image used courtesy of Mesago Messe Frankfurt


The event typically garners a substantial international turnout. PCIM 2022 drew 11,306 visitors, 384 exhibitors, and 3,201 forum visitors. Most of the exhibiting companies (48%) fell under the subcategory of power semiconductors, components, and modules, followed by passive components (36%), power converters (27%), and assemblies/subsystems (24%).


floor plan

The floor plan (as of May 1) for hall 7, one of three exhibition areas in PCIM 2023. Image used courtesy of Mesago Messe Frankfurt 


PCIM Europe 2023 includes three exhibition stages: One focusing on electric mobility and energy storage, an exhibitor stage featuring the latest product innovations, and an industry stage with presentations and panel discussions on wide bandgap design, SiC and GaN trends, grid integration, EV charging infrastructure, energy storage, and other pertinent topics. A digital version of the event will be available until June 30. 

Here’s what to expect from a handful of major players at this year’s PCIM Europe. 



Germany-based semiconductor giant Infineon is set to showcase its diverse product range, from automotive microcontrollers to discrete IGBTs for industrial power applications to sensors, MOSFETs, and control ICs.

Adopting the theme “driving decarbonization and digitalization together,” Infineon will feature several products in its wide bandgap portfolio, including CoolGaN-based USB-C adapters and chargers, alongside automotive/e-mobility products like CoolGaN SG HEMTs, EiceDRIVER gate driver ICs, and XENSIV sensors. Some of the products and business segments to be featured include: 

  • Products for renewables: A range of power devices for storage applications, alongside offerings for hydrogen technologies such as Infineon’s IGBT and thyristor portfolio for hydrogen electrolysis

  • EV charging: Power technologies for traction inverters, onboard chargers, DC-DC converters, and battery management systems, including a modular 50-kilowatt (kW) CoolSiC reference design for fast-charging systems. Plus: The HYC50 bi-directional 50 kW charging station, Infineon’s debut wall-mounted DC charger. 

  • Energy efficiency/industrial automation: Advanced power semiconductors for solid-state implementations and intelligent protection components

  • AI for machines and industrial equipment: Products providing predictive analysis for machines and industrial plants, including monitoring, optimization, and predictive maintenance. This part of Infineon’s business is expanding after it acquired Berlin-based Industrial Analytics in 2022. 

  • Smart homes and buildings: Reference solution for IoT-connected air conditioners, featuring sensors to monitor surroundings and respond to users’ needs


Mitsubishi Electric

Japanese electrical equipment manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric specializes in wide bandgap semiconductors, diodes, IGBTs, integrated power modules, MOSFETs, high-voltage and power ICs, and Schottky diodes. It will present several products at PCIM 2023, including: 

  • J1-Series of automotive power modules: Lightweight and compact power modules with boosted efficiency for electric vehicle inverters

  • LV100 modules optimized for renewable energy and industrial applications, such as solar photovoltaic systems and power-conversion equipment for use with renewables 

  • LV100 and HV100 dual-type X-Series: High-voltage power modules for inverter systems in large industrial equipment, such as electric power systems and railways. The company recently announced it would start shipping samples of its HV100 IGBT modules later this month. 

  • Seventh-generation NX-Type IGBTs for medium-power industrial inverters 

  • Intelligent power modules for home appliances, including the SLIMDIP efficient reverse conducting IGBT in a durable package 


Mitsubishi Electric’s LV100 module

A visualization of Mitsubishi Electric’s LV100 module for renewable and industrial applications. Image used courtesy of Mitsubishi Electric



North Carolina-based Wolfspeed, another major player in this roundup, will bring its SiC evaluation kits, discrete-based and module solutions for DC fast-charging, SiC MOSFETs for automotive applications, and more products to this year’s PCIM Europe. 

The company will demo its newly expanded WolfPACK SiC power module family, suited for EV fast-charging, uninterruptible power supply, grid infrastructure and renewable energy, industrial motor drives, and other applications. The lineup is designed to meet the requirements of medium power applications; modules are available in half-bridge and six-pack configurations. 

Wolfspeed will also showcase its new SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation tool, allowing users to measure switching losses and optimize the high-speed switching performance of Wolfspeed’s SiC MOSFETs paired with other gate driver options. 

In its solar and energy storage systems segment, Wolfspeed will demonstrate how its three-phase 25 kW inverter with FM3 SiC modules can help renewables designers transition their systems to SiC and add more efficiency to their inverters. 


600-kW XM3 dual three-phase inverter reference design from Wolfspeed

600-kW XM3 dual three-phase inverter reference design from Wolfspeed. Image used courtesy of Wolfspeed


Hitachi Energy

The energy division of Japanese conglomerate Hitachi will present its next-generation BiMOS chipsets in HiPak modules and its bipolar family of diodes, diode and thyristor modules, and IGCTs for renewable energy and industrial applications. 

Notably, Hitachi Energy will feature its high-performance RoadPak SiC product lineup for EVs/hybrids, electric buses and trucks, traction auxiliary converters, and power electronics for EV charging. RoadPak launched last year in 750-volt and 1200-V ranges. 

Hitachi was recently selected to supply its RoadPak module to Zeekr, a brand of long-range luxury EVs from China-based Geely Automobile Holdings. 


ROHM Semiconductor

Japanese electronic components manufacturer ROHM Semiconductor will showcase its latest product generations serving industrial, automotive, and home appliance customers. It will also demo various advancements in its IGBT and GaN product portfolios. 

More specifically, ROHM will exhibit the following products. 

  • 4th generation SiC MOSFET for automotive inverters and switching power supplies 

  • BM611x series of gate drivers for EV traction inverters, including the new BM6112 for high-power SiC and IGBT applications

  • Automotive-grade intelligent low side switches: A new generation (released in February 2023) of BV1LExxxEFJ-C and BM2LExxxFJ-C product families, suited for automotive and industrial applications such as engine and transmission control units, car body control, and LED lighting modules.

  • Newly expanded SiC portfolio, adding HSDIP20 and DOT247 devices with different configurations; both can serve applications up to 30kW, depending on their requirements

  • The third-generation IGBT-IPM series, offering six IGBTs, six fast recovery bootstrap diodes, and two driver ICs, serving applications such as inverters for home appliances or compact industrial equipment for robotics

  • 730V integrated fly back converters for industrial auxiliary power supply and SMPS applications

  • Series of converters with built-in 1700V SiC MOSFETs 

  • 150V GaN HEMT for industrial and communication equipment