CES 2023: Power Electronics Companies Showcase New Products

January 06, 2023 by Shannon Cuthrell

Several major players in the power electronics market will demo their products and services at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Here’s a roundup of announcements to watch.

Several power electronics designers, manufacturers, and service providers will unveil new products and inventions at CES 2023, held Jan. 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada.


A snapshot of the CES arch in 2022. Image used courtesy of the Consumer Technology Association


Every year, major industry players use the world’s most popular technology trade show—formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show—as a venue to showcase their existing product lineups and launch new ones. 

Some of the recurrent product categories featured in this year’s exhibition include intelligent edge systems, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging, sensors, processors, and advanced driver assistance systems for electric vehicles

From Analog Devices to Infineon to Intel, here’s an overview of what to expect from six power electronics exhibitors at CES:



German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies returns to CES this year with hands-on demos of its wide bandgap products, IoT and power systems, smart home and appliance solutions, energy management platforms, microelectronics components, vehicle technologies, USB-PD, and wireless chargers. The company specializes in silicon carbide (SiC)-based products, which have drawn more than 3,000 customers.

According to its website, Infineon will present a range of offerings at CES 2023, particularly in the automotive space—including electronic components and systems to power advanced driver assistance systems, EVs, and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Others include its 60GHz radar transceiver used for in-cabin monitoring systems and its AURIX microcontrollers, drivers, sensors, and other components, which were integrated into REE Automotive’s electric skateboard concept.

Infineon is also a CES Innovation Awards honoree, so named for its smart alarm system combining microphones, barometric pressure sensors, acoustic event detection, and other features.


Infineon’s multi-layered smart alarm system was selected as an honoree in the 2023 CES Innovation Awards. Image used courtesy of Infineon


Infineon’s XENSIV connected sensor kit and EXCELON F-RAM were also selected as honorees at this year’s CES.



According to CES’s exhibitor directory, California-based chip giant Intel will showcase products spanning entertainment and content, gaming and esports, home entertainment, hardware, home office hardware and accessories, and family and lifestyle categories.



One of the biggest launches coming out of CES 2023 is Intel’s 13th Generation Intel Core mobile processor family, which introduces 32 new processors featuring the company’s hybrid performance architecture. With Intel touting its Core i9-13980HX offering as the world’s fastest mobile processor, the launch accompanied several other notable announcements, including its Evo laptop specification with extended battery life and multi-device features, 13th Gen Core desktop processors with 65- and 35-watt power levels, and Processor N-series for entry-level computing customers.


At CES 2023, Intel debuted 32 new mobile processors as part of its 13th Gen Intel Core family. Image used courtesy of Intel Corporation


Intel first unveiled its 13th Gen Intel Core processor family for desktops in September 2022. The CES announcement focuses on performance and other improvements to its processors for mobile platforms. 


Texas Instruments

According to the CES exhibitor directory, Texas-based semiconductor giant Texas Instruments (TI) will present its energy/power products, home entertainment hardware, IoT/sensors, robotics, and vehicle technology. Specializing in analog and embedded processing chips, the company is expanding in several major end markets. Some of its latest products include vehicle-to-grid bidirectional charging, driver assistance technologies using radar sensor systems, flexible EV charging networks, solar energy systems, and autonomous robots for industrial, grid, and at-home uses.

TI has significantly ramped up its production capacity in recent months. Its second 300-millimeter wafer fab in Utah started production in December, with plans to scale to tens of millions of chips per day at full production—serving its end markets across renewable energy, EVs, and space telescopes.


Analog Devices

On the CES exhibitor website, Massachusetts-based semiconductor firm Analog Devices (ADI) is listed in several categories, from AR/VR/XR and IoT/sensors to audio technologies, digital health, and vehicle products. The company’s CES landing page indicates it will demo a range of technologies at this year’s tradeshow, mainly in automotive, consumer technology, digital health care, and industrial markets.

From its automotive segment, the company will demo its intelligent edge designs, AC and DC charging systems, local-dimming LED drivers, and high-bandwidth serial link products. In health care, ADI will present its technology for continuous monitoring via wearables and sensors, while its industrial team will focus on terrain-based navigation systems that can be used across agriculture, construction, and other workplaces.

Beyond that, Analog Devices will also showcase its multi-channel audio technology, automotive audio bus (A2B) systems, battery management platforms, USB-C fast-charging devices, thermal cameras, compact uModule regulators, and other products/services spanning intelligent edge devices, AI and facial recognition, 5G/6G infrastructure, and clean energy.


Analog Devices’ ADTF3175 3D sensing module was selected as a 2023 honoree for the CES Innovation Awards. Imaged used courtesy of Analog Devices


One of ADI’s newest embedded technologies, the ADTF3175 module, won an honoree position for this year’s CES Innovation Awards. The indirect time-of-flight module can be placed in cameras and sensors to process 3D depth and complex data for various applications from automation and logistics to health care to augmented reality.



According to the CES exhibitor directory, Japanese electronics giant Panasonic will feature products across AR/VR/XR, energy/power, gaming and esports, sustainability, and vehicle technology. Ahead of CES, the company unveiled a slew of product releases and other announcements spanning its automotive sound systems and EV batteries, high-end cameras and lenses, consumer electronics, solar cells, hydrogen fuel cells, and other renewable energy solutions.

Beyond its token camera end-market, Panasonic’s mobility segment will showcase its new automotive modular audio system specifically built for EVs and its in-vehicle air purifier alongside other displays related to its lithium-ion batteries and GX drive motors. It will also demo its renewable energy products, including a tree of ultra-light solar cells, a pure hydrogen fuel cell, and various technologies for emissions-free hydrogen production (such as water electrolysis equipment and membrane electrode assemblies).



Panasonic’s LUMIX GH6 camera was selected as an Innovation Awards honoree for this year’s CES. The product features a 25.2-megapixel MOS sensor and the company’s new Venus Engine.



Samsung’s electronics and semiconductor subsidiaries will showcase a range of new products at this year’s CES. That includes its new smart refrigerators and other kitchen appliances, OLED and QLED TV screens, smart monitors, automotive processors and image sensors, SSDs, high-bandwidth memory solutions, and its next-generation mobile DRAM devices and computational storage drives. 

The South Korean manufacturing giant also won a CES Best of Innovation Award for its S3B512C biometric security chip, which Samsung touts as the cybersecurity industry’s first all-in-one security chip that reads biometric data via a fingerprint sensor. 

Several Samsung Semiconductor products secured honoree positions, including its advanced SoCs for wearable devices, its 200-megapixel image sensor, its high-capacity AutoSSD, its 512-gigabyte memory expander, the ISOCELL HP3 mobile sensor, the LPDDR5X multi-chip package and the NVMe 990 PRO SSD featuring a heatsink.