CATL’s Liquid Cooled LFP BESS Performs Well Under UL 9540A Test

April 14, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) announced that its innovative liquid cooled battery energy storage system (BESS) solution based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), performs well under UL 9540A. UL 9540A is a well-recognized test method which evaluates fire safety risk when battery cell thermal runaway takes place. It's perceived as an important reference for BESS safety.

With safety at the top of its priorities, CATL responds positively to UL 9540A test by testing its full range of BESS products--Cell, Module and Rack of liquid and air cooling. And all products turn out to be safe with mild and short smoke.

Without fire protection system, thermal runaway is strictly controlled within the initiating cell, no cell propagation and adjacent modules function well after test. For the initiating cell, there is no flaming, flying debris or gas explosion.

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Temperature rise of both target BESS and wall surface is negligible during the process which complies with NFPA 220 and NFPA 855 requirements.

LFP chemistry is the choice of CATL BESS for the priority of safety, especially when BESS is applied to complex energy infrastructure applications. LFP chemistry's thermal decomposition temperature is up to 800 degrees C and it releases less gas during thermal runaway compared with NCM chemistry. Not releasing oxygen is the characteristic of LFP and is the key to avoiding potential risk of second damage explosion.

Scientific product development and verification system is adopted to balance battery performance. CATL is well-known for its prismatic cell, the unique vent design controls gas release and its direction in time to prevent dramatic cell damage. Anti-flammable material is applied in all levels, meanwhile, rack safety is enhanced structurally and electrically to prevent fire or explosion.

Sustainable renewable energy can be affected by "Mother Nature" and BESS is needed to provide consistent quality power output thereby opening up more distributed power strategies. Safe, reliable and long-life LFP BESS has always been the core of CATL philosophy and CATL is committed to continuous LFP improvement.

In addition to the stringent UL 9540A test, CATL liquid cooled LFP battery rack is also qualified for EU safety standards including IEC 62619 / 62477-1 LVD / 61000-6-2/-4 EMC and UL 1973 standard. Having passed rigorous safety and reliability tests, CATL's liquid cooled LFP battery solution is ready and should be at project installation sites in the near future.