BLDC Motor Controller Evaluation Kit and Arduino Shield

September 19, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The TB6605FTG sine wave BLDC motor controller evaluation kit from Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage describes the usage of motor control closed-loop system incorporating Toshiba's BLDC motor driver IC TB6605FTG. The board is designed as a plug-in board (Shield) for Arduino UNO platform.

This system can be used as two types: 1. MCD + MCU mode and 2. MCD + Op-Amp mode. This motor control closed-loop system evaluation kit includes a motor control reference board (with Arduino connector) and a brushless motor.

Block diagram. (click on image to enlarge)

Features include:

  • Support three-Hall sensor BLDC motor driver
  • Motor control function: Start, Brake, CW/CCW function
  • Tune motor rotation speed with potentiometer
  • A reference motor is attached for quick start
  • Replaceable resistors and capacitors are used to adopt other motors
  • Two work modes are available:
    • MCD+MCU mode
      • Designed as plug-in Shield for Arduino UNO platform
      • Speed closed-loop control is implemented based on PID control in software.
      • Arduino example program (Sketch) is provided.
    • MCD + Op-Amp mode
      • Speed closed-loop control is implemented using Op-Amp on the board.

Specifications (click on table to enlarge)