Artsy Solar Awning for Off-Grid RV Travelers

June 22, 2023 by Shannon Cuthrell

A decorative rollable solar awning for RVs has hit the U.S. market, with pre-orders live and deliveries expected to begin in December. 

Illinois-based Eco-dynamic Tech recently unveiled “Artpiece,” a motorized solar awning featuring heterojunction (HJT) solar cells, a lightweight 360-degree rollable design, colorful patterns, and integrated LED lights. Offering a 1,000-watt (W) power output (with 1,040 W peak power), the product meets the demands of off-grid RV travelers. 


Artpiece solar awning

The Artpiece solar awning can generate 1,000 watts of power via heterojunction solar cells. Image used courtesy of Eco-dynamic Tech


Artpiece launched earlier this month at an exhibition in Beijing, China, with deliveries expected in December 2023. The design is based on Eco-dynamic Tech’s Kalaflex technology, which combines crystalline silicon solar cells and vibrant art on durable material. 

Artpiece’s HJT solar panels provide higher efficiency than a conventional solar PV architecture, with bifacial (double-sided) solar cells absorbing light on both sides of the awning. While designed to generate efficient, reliable power, Artpiece can be paired with a battery bank or other energy storage systems for later use. 

Paired with a battery, an extended unit can generate 8 kilowatt-hours (kWh) in an eight-hour day under fully sunny conditions. That’s enough power to run several RV appliances without plug-ins, including a 2.8 kW oven (for 2.85 hours), a 1 kW microwave (eight hours), a 1.5 kW electric grill (5.3 hours), a 500 W coffee maker (16 hours), a 300 W air conditioner unit (26.6 hours), and a 150 W refrigerator (53 hours). 

Pre-orders are priced at $2,999 with a 25% discount. Artpiece is only available to customers in the contiguous United States. Eco-dynamic Tech plans to expand to other countries/regions based on market demand, with international sales expected in 2024. 


Artpiece solar awning features colorful decorative patterns

The Artpiece solar awning features colorful decorative patterns. Image used courtesy of Eco-dynamic Tech


Other Artpiece Solar Awning Features

Artpiece operates in temperatures ranging from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, accommodating diverse climates across the world’s off-grid RV camping destinations—from the snow-capped mountains of Norway to Australia’s dry and warm Outback region. 

Eco-dynamic Tech estimates the solar awning can last up to a decade under typical usage and maintenance. The product has 6061 aluminum profile brackets capable of withstanding heavy wind, water, and corrosion. 

The package includes bracket and motor assemblies (with the rollable solar panels), a 115-foot range remote controller using a 433 MHz radio frequency, an MC4 connected cable, and a solar charging cable. 


More About Eco-dynamic Tech 

Michael Soon, Eco-dynamic Tech’s vice president of business development, said the company’s integration of aesthetic features into sustainable solar modules reflects its 20 years of solar industry experience. Artpiece is its debut product line, which Soon termed the “one and only” solar solution in the world with colorful patterns. 


Video used courtesy of Eco-dynamic Tech

The company mainly uses the Eco-dynamic Tech brand name, but its formal title is Econamic Tech. Its website mentions various associated companies, such as Purebuddies and Aislewalk. Records from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office list these two brands alongside Artpiece and Kalaflex. Trademark applications were filed in May and June 2023 under Golden Solar New Energy Technology Co., a company based in China. 

Golden Solar’s website states it uses cast-mono wafers as raw material for manufacturing its HJT with intrinsic thin-layer cells, which offer a conversion efficiency of around 24%.