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Ultra-low 7-mohm and 9-mohm RDSon SiC FETs for EV Inverters Battery Chargers and Circuit Protection

January 13, 2020 by United Silicon Carbide

This article highlights UnitedSiC UF3SC 7mohm, 650V and a 9mohm, 1200V SiC FETs in a TO247-4L package as combination of Gen 3 SiC JFET and Si MOSFET.

The latest product release from UnitedSiC is 7mohm, 650V, and a 9mohm, 1200V Silicon Carbide FETs in a TO247-4L package. The UF3SC devices set a new benchmark for low, ON-state losses from room temperature to the rated 175C. The 5V threshold voltage coupled with the +/- 20V Vgs rating means these devices are compatible with standard Si as well as SiC gate drivers and can be successfully driven 0 to 12V.

The ultra-low conduction losses are combined with low switching losses, which makes these devices useful in >99% efficient EV traction inverters, EV fast chargers, UPS and Solar applications. Solid-state breakers can now be implemented with very low conduction losses. Many designs, previously requiring paralleled devices, now need just one. Similarly, designs needing expensive power modules could now be implemented with these discrete devices.

UF3SC devices

Image courtesy of UnitedSiC.


These SiC FETs combine a high-performance Gen 3 SiC JFET and a cascode-optimized Si MOSFET. This circuit configuration creates a fast, efficient device in an industry-standard package that can be driven with the same gate voltages as Si IGBTs, Si MOSFETS, and SiC MOSFETs.

UnitedSiC offers the UF3SC series with cost-effective pricing to complement its unmatched performance, driven by the inherent advantages of our silver sintered stack cascode technology, using low RdsA Gen 3 SiC JFETs.


About UnitedSiC

UnitedSiC develops innovative silicon carbide FET and diode power semiconductors that deliver the industry’s best SiC efficiency and performance for electric vehicle (EV) chargers, DC-DC converters and traction drives, as well as a telecom/server power supplies, variable-speed motor drives, and solar PV inverters.