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Sharp Releasing New Line Of LED Modules

August 14, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Sharp Corp. has developed a series of new LED Lightings, including the "oblong" type that is said to feature a brightness equivalent to the fluorescent lamp fixtures that are currently the main lighting in factories, offices and commercial spaces, and the "downlight" type with a brightness equivalent to a standard 150W incandescent light lamp. Sharp will introduce a total of 11 models into the Japanese market, including four oblong, one square, and six downlight models.

The "oblong" lightings feature an elongated form factor and deliver brightness equivalent to conventional fluorescent light fixtures equipped with twin 40W straight-tube fluorescent lamps thanks to an luminaire efficacy of 74 lumens/watt, said to be the highest in the industry for LED lighting. They also said to offer a high level of energy efficiency, consuming about 25% less power than conventional fluorescent fixtures. Both the oblong model and its companion "square" type model, which is well suited for conference rooms and reception areas, provide even, uniform illumination thanks to diffused surface-emitting light technology. Further, the "downlight" line-up includes a model with light output equivalent to a conventional 150W incandescent bulb. These downlight models are suggested for use in commercial spaces such as shopping centers and department stores, as well as hotel lobbies and entrance foyers of business offices.

The model DL-D007N Transparent Panel, Neutral White Downlight Lighting delivers a brightness of 1,400 lumens, said to be the highest in the industry and equivalent in intensity to a 150W incandescent lamp. This unit can be used as main lights even in commercial facilities with high ceilings. The complete line-up combines two types of LED with different emission color temperatures (neutral white and warm white) and two types of cover panels (transparent and translucent white) in lightings having equivalent light intensities of either 150 or 100W. Neutral white LEDs can generate bright lighting for factory or office entrances, warm white LEDs can provide relaxed lighting for hotel lobbies and such, and translucent white cover panels are ideal for use in hospitals and other venues where overly bright lighting must be avoided. Users can select from a total of six models according to application and installation location.

LED Lightings manufactured by Sharp will be adopted as the main lighting in all plants to be located within the "Manufacturing Complex for the 21st Century" now under construction in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, and scheduled to begin operations by March of 2010. According to the company, this will represent the world’s largest collection of LED lightings installed in buildings on this scale.