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APT Offers MOSFETs in Hermetic Packages

January 21, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Power Technology (APT, Bend, OR) introduced a new family of power MOSFETs in hermetic packages. According to APT, the new MOSFETs can be provided with commercial or TX processing, and custom device screening and testing is available. The devices, which are all avalanche energy rated, are available in the TO-254, TO-258, TO-3 and TO-267 packages.APT claims that its TO-267 packaged MOSFETs offer the highest current and lowest Rds(on) available in a three-lead through-hole mount hermetic package. The devices have breakdown voltages ranging between 200V and 1000V, Rds(on) from 26 to 570 milliohms and current ratings of 17.3A to 65A. The APT5012WVR, for example, is rated at 40A, 120 milliohms and 500V breakdown voltage.The TO-254, TO-258 and TO-3 packaged MOSFETs are offered with breakdown voltages between 200V and 1000V, current ratings between 9.0A and 45A, and Rds(on) from 40 milliohms to 1.1 ohms. Other devices available in these hermetic packages are Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FREDs), FREDFETs (MOSFETs with a fast recovery intrinsic body diode) and IGBTs. Applications for the new devices include power factor correction pre-regulators, dc/dc converters, inverters, switchmode power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, radar, missiles, lasers, motor drives and avionics. According to APT, the devices are intended for use where a high-humidity environment will be encountered or where the higher reliability of the metal hermetic package is required. Volume pricing ranges from $14.36 to $94.42 in quantities of 1,000, depending on voltage rating and package type.