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ACS Releases New Multi-Axis Motion Controller Series

October 30, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

ACS Motion Control announced that it has developed a series of motion control modules that feature a programmable motion controller, power supply, and up to three digital drives in a single, standalone package.

Designated the SPiiPlus CM series, each module can control up to eight axes and support a wide range of motion modes, such as point-to-point, jog, segmented, master-slave, and arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation. The SPiiPlus CM series is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced printing applications.

The integrated digital drives are software configurable for ac servo/dc brushless, or dc brush motors. By implementing an HSSI network, together with dc brush or external stepper (indexer) drives and motors, the number of controlled axes can be increased to eight. Digital drive supply voltages range from single phase 24 – 120Vdc, 19 – 85Vac, three phase 230Vac (ph-ph) or the low voltage option 24 to 120Vdc, 19 to 85Vac.

The SPiiPlus CM series can support both Sin-Cos and high-speed incremental encoders. An optional 4x to 65,536x internal programmable multiplier is available for any axis using Sin-Cos feedback. The SPiiPlus CM series can operate as a standalone module, or connected to a host computer via RS-232 and RS-232/422 serial port protocols are supported, as well as Ethernet 10/100 baseT. All ports can be used simultaneously.

Optimized for motion control applications, ACS’ powerful software tools provide easy setup, tuning and programming. The software enables the implementation of highly complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing. One SPiiPlus CM controller can run up to nine programs simultaneously.