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EE Power’s Top 10 Market Insights Put 2022 Clearly Into Focus

December 27, 2022 by EE Power Editorial

Rooftop wind generators, SF6-free alternatives, and EV charging options comprise just part of EE Power’s most compelling Market Insights. Here is 2022’s top 10 must reads.

Illuminating the year’s trending topics, EE Power’s Market Insights dive deeper into the news to reveal the “story behind the story.” Our Market Insights cover subjects such as harvesting wind energy for electrical power, the crucial value of power engineering, and how a Florida community successfully stood up to Hurricane Ian’s fury.

Here, we have gathered 10 articles from 2022 for your reading enjoyment and insight. 

1. Aeromine: An Elegantly Simple Rooftop Wind Energy Solution

Using a patented design, Aeromine Technologies provides a vertical rooftop wind generator to collect wind energy for electrical power. This article by Kevin Clemens discusses the technique that gives rooftop solar panels some serious competition.


A rooftop wind power generation system. Image used courtesy of Aeromine Industries


2. The Importance of Power Engineering and Power Electronics: A Brief History

An essential component of countless systems and devices, power electronics convert one form of electrical energy into another with different characteristics. In this article, Lorenzo Mari examines how vital power engineers are and the technology they engineer can be.


3. Power Electronics and Power Systems: The Importance of Power Engineering and Power Electronics

Crucial to keeping our world functioning, power electronics engineering and the engineers that sustain it are omnipresent. Lorenzo Mari’s last article in this series explores how electric power systems pervade every aspect of our lives.


4. Power Meets Medicine: The Importance of Power Engineering and Power Electronics

COVID-19 drove home the realization of how prevalent power engineering and engineers truly have become, especially in a world-gripping pandemic. Part two of Lorenzo Mari’s power electronics series outlines how the medical industry and the power industry intersect and interact.


5. Migrating to an SF6-free Future

Phasing out switchgear that uses SF6 and turning to more sustainable alternatives are becoming a necessity in our energy transition. In this article, Barbara Vergetis Lundin, EE Power Editor-in-Chief, talks with Morten Wierod, president of ABB’s Electrification Business, about why this migration must take place.


Image used courtesy of Adobe Stock


6. Understanding the Role of Microgrids in the Energy Transition

In a world constantly growing more electrified, microgrids play an increasingly essential role. Stephanie Leonida discusses the nature and importance of microgrids, along with the challenges this technology is encountering. 


7. Where Is the Best Place to Manufacture Electronics Products and Prototypes?

Though it is not a simple decision, electrical engineers and technology startups must determine where to manufacture electronics products and prototypes. In this article, Misha Govshteyn presents some options to reach such a decision.


8. How a Florida Solar Community Remained Resilient Against Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian cut a wide swath of devastation recently, but one 100 percent solar community northeast of Fort Meyers, Florida, had no loss of power and only minimal damage. Claire Turvill’s article shows how renewable energy and resilient design can prevail against natural disasters.


9. 45 Years of Nuclear Power: NASA’s Voyager Deep Space Probe

Continuing on a sojourn into the unknown, two Voyager probes recently marked 45 years of exploring deep space. This article by Mike Falter examines what’s keeping these remarkable spacecraft moving onward and making history.


Voyager communications and instrumentation payload. Image used courtesy of NASA


10. Making Sense of Electric Vehicle Charging Options

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) is a decision largely based on the criteria of speed, convenience, and cost. Mike Falter provides a look at the various types of EV charging stations, their capabilities, and their use cases.


Featured image used courtesy of Adobe Stock