Vicor Reports Appeals Court Judgment in Patent Cases

May 24, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Vicor Corp. (Andover, MA) announced that on May 24, 2004, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the decisions issued in January 2003, by the Federal District Court, Boston, MA, in each of Vicor's patent infringement lawsuits against Artesyn Technologies, Lambda Electronics, Lucent Technologies and Tyco Electronics, and Power-One.

The judgment affirms the validity of the patent claims; rejects assertions that the claims are invalid for indefiniteness; and affirms Vicor's interpretation of several terms used in the claims. However, the Appeals Court judgment also affirms the District Court's interpretations of certain terms that were contrary to Vicor's position. Vicor believes that the affirmation of the District Court's interpretations strengthens its position regarding validity of the patent. Affirmation of the District Court's claim construction, however, reduces the cumulative amount of infringing power supplies and the corresponding amount of potential damages.

Vicor plans to continue to pursue recovery of damages from infringers. There can be no assurance that Vicor will ultimately prevail in this litigation or, if it prevails, as to the amount of damages that would be awarded.