US Hybrid Fuel Cell Power Converter Module Receives UL and NEBS Certifications

October 18, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

US Hybrid announced that its Fuel Cell Power Converter is one of a limited number of fuel cell back-up power dc-dc units to receive both UL and NEBS certifications, which are industry standards for safety and performance of information technology and telecommunications equipment. US Hybrid’s Power Converter Modules are based on the company’s highly efficient power electronics platforms which are described by the company as the most widely deployed in their class. UL and NEBS certifications further recognize the high standards of US Hybrid’s products.

US Hybrid’s PCM passed a series of tests to become certified under the applicable sections of IEC/UL 60950-1/CSA 60950-1-03/EN60950-1 and NEBS GR-1089-CORE. While UL certification is common for many power converters, US Hybrid states that it is one of the few power converters validated and approved for fuel cell telecommunication back-up power by Hydrogenics Corporation. In addition, the company states that the design’s unique controls implementation also enables US Hybrid’s exceptional efficiency, voltage regulation and dynamic response.

"As a leading developer and provider of fuel cell products across a wide range of applications, we recognize the importance of safety and reliability for our customers," said Joseph Cargnelli, Hydrogenics’ Chief Technology Officer. "With the growing need for cleaner energy alternatives, US Hybrid’s power conversion module is a key enabler for the adoption of our fuel cell telecommunication back-up products. Receiving UL and NEBS certifications for the power conversion module enables Hydrogenics to offer a complete back-up power product that conforms to the highest standards in both safety and reliability," added Cargnelli.

"UL certification is a critical milestone that can take companies years to secure," said Dr. Abas Goodarzi, President of US Hybrid. "We’re one of the first companies in the industry to have developed a UL-certified and NEBS qualified fuel cell back-up power dc-dc to support our customer’s global product development efforts."

IEC/UL 60950-1/CSA 60950-1-03/EN60950-1 is the most current safety standard covering all information technology equipment including the telecommunications sector. NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) is the most common set of safety, spatial and environmental design guidelines applied to telecommunications equipment in the United States. NEBS contains the key industry requirements for how to design and build reliable electronics for telecom network use.