US Fuel Cell Council Releases New Edition of the Fuel Cell Glossary

May 03, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

The US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC; Washington) released the second edition of the Fuel Cell Glossary, a comprehensive glossary of fuel cell terms. The glossary is designed to help standardize discussion and evaluation of fuel cells and their components.

"This glossary provides a standard set of definitions so that when we are talking about bipolar plates, IR loss, partial oxidation and polarization curves, we are all on the same page," said USFCC Technical Director Robert Wichert. "I am pleased that the glossary has already been useful to the fuel cell industry, and I hope this new edition will help an even broader audience come to understand this emerging technology."

The first edition of the Fuel Cell Glossary began from work performed under the US Department of Energy, with support from Oak Ridge Laboratories and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.

The Fuel Cell Glossary is available on the Council's website. For printed copies, contact Marleen Alexander at (202) 293-5500 or at [email protected].