UQM Provides Drive Motors for Caterpillar Vehicle

December 10, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

UQM Technologies Inc. (Frederick, CO), a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced that it has received an order from Caterpillar Inc. for UQM® permanent magnet motors that will be installed on a fuel-cell-powered Caterpillar- Elphinstone R1300 mine loader under development by a consortium of companies including Caterpillar, Natural Resources Canada, and the US Department of Energy, and led by Vehicle Projects LLC (Denver, CO).

The UQM® propulsion motors include a high-torque, 42kW motor that will power the cooling fan, and a 75kW motor that will drive the hydraulic pump. The zero-emission, fuel-cell-powered mine loader is expected to be placed in demonstration at a mine in Nevada in early 2005 to evaluate the operability, and productivity of the system.

"We are pleased that Caterpillar has selected our power-dense and energy-efficient permanent magnet motors to power the cooling and hydraulic systems on this exciting program. Our systems were once again selected for a demanding application where power density and efficiency are a requirement to achieve optimal system operating efficiency," said UQM Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer William Rankin.