TT Electronics Acquires Power Partners

March 27, 2019 by Scott McMahan

TT Electronics announced the acquisition of Power Partners. Power Partners is a provider of specialized medical and industrial power products for the North American market that also serves industrial customers in applications including telecommunications, printers, test and measurement instruments, factory automation, industrial controls, and consumer communications/networking devices.

The firm, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, complements TT's global power electronics business with new products and design capabilities. TT says that the acquisition also builds its competitive advantage in the connected health sector by bringing Power Partners' expertise in power solutions design for a broad spectrum of medical applications. (See image above). The acquired company offers medical and ITE Safety Certified ac-dc and dc-dc products from 1W to 2KW.

Additionally, the acquisition supports TT's global growth strategy, to expand its focus on design-led technology solutions and value-added complementary products.

The new addition to its business build's on TT's recent acquisitions of Stadium Group plc and Precision Inc. as part of TT's emphasis on innovation, higher margins, and a strong position in complex electronics design and manufacturing. Dedicated R&D centers and design integration capabilities underpin TT's developments in wireless connectivity, human machine interfaces (HMI), and single-board computing (SBC).

"Power Partners' medical and industrial expertise drives strong synergies and cross-sell opportunities with other TT power solutions offerings. Together we are well-positioned to streamline the supply chain, reduce time to market, and fuel our mission to simplify the complex," said Charlie Peppiatt, Executive Vice President, IoT Solutions, TT Electronics.