Texas Instruments Showcases Latest Technologies At Digital Power Forum

September 15, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has unveiled its latest solutions and product demonstrations for ac to dc-dc point-of-load applications at the 2008 Digital Power Forum. TI experts will also present a variety of technical papers on digital power at the conference.

The UCD9240 pulse-width modulation controller, now in volume production, digitally manages up to four independent outputs and up to eight phases. The UCD92K family of controllers supports switching frequencies up to 2 MHz with up to 1mV resolution, enabling dc conversions down to 500mV from a 16V input source.

The controllers are configured using an easy-to-use Fusion Digital Power™ Designer tool. The tool, which is free and downloadable, is said to simplify the development process and to improve time-to-market by allowing the designer to easily configure many power supply parameters, including voltage and current thresholds with selectable fault response; supply voltage sequencing; monitoring; soft start/stop; tracking; margining; control loop response; phase management and fan control.

TI also introduced three complementary digital PowerTrain™ modules to further simplify dc-dc converter design by providing a high-degree of space saving component packaging and convenience. The PTD08A006W, PTD08A010W, PTD08A020W and 6-A, 10-A, 20-A modules integrate the inductor, MOSFETs and the UCD7230 driver. Additionally, reference designs using integrated driver/MOSFET technology are available for applications that require ultra-high conversion efficiencies.