TDI Inverters at Fuel Cell Automobile Road Rally

April 21, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

A leading automotive manufacturer's fuel cell powered concept car being exhibited at the California Fuel Cell Partnership's (CaFCP) 2003 "Rally thru the Valley" will feature Transistor Devices’ LCE Inverter. The LCE Inverter will demonstrate a fuel cell system’s capability to operate commercially available appliances as well as everyday ac-powered household devices. The high efficiency TDI inverter converts the fuel cell’s 230-400 Vdc power to 120 Vac 60 Hz and enables the use of readily available accessories and components.

The new concept car and the LCE Inverters can be seen in Sacramento on May 14th, Bakersfield on May 15 and LA on May 16. For more information on the CaFCP road rally, please visit the California Fuel Cell Partnership's web site.