SynQor Reaches Agreement with Fujitsu in Bus Converter Litigation

May 05, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

SynQor, Inc. announced that it has reached a partial settlement and license agreement with Fujitsu Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiary Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc..

In December, 2010, SynQor prevailed before a jury in the Eastern District of Texas in a patent infringement suit against numerous suppliers of unregulated and semi-regulated bus converters used in intermediate bus architectures. Fujitsu is a customer of some of the suppliers who are defendants in the Texas suit. Pursuant to the terms of its agreement with Fujitsu, SynQor will be compensated for Fujitsu’s use of bus converters that were found to infringe and that it purchased for the period following the jury verdict, at the Court-ordered, post-trial damage award rate. Fujitsu will also have the right under an on-going, non-exclusive license from SynQor, to continue to purchase the same bus converters from its current supply base at the same compensation rate during the remaining life of SynQor’s bus converter patents.

SynQor President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Martin F. Schlecht, commented: "We are very pleased that we could reach agreement with Fujitsu to allow it to continue to supply its products in the United States without further interruption. SynQor continues to work with many customers to ensure that their critical supply needs for unregulated and semi-regulated bus converters are promptly met."