Solarmer Claims World Record For Plastic Solar Technology

July 09, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Solarmer Energy, Inc., a developer of plastic solar panels, claims that it is now the world record holder for plastic solar cell and plastic solar panel efficiencies. Solarmer announced that they have achieved 6.77% plastic solar cell efficiency, certified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and 3.9% plastic solar panel efficiency, certified by the Newport Corp., which are said to be the highest performances recorded to date by these organizations.

Solarmer’s Materials Development team, led by Dr. Jianhui Hou, made the polymers used for both record breaking devices. "We’re extremely pleased with the progress we’re making and excited about what’s yet to come," said Dr. Hou. "These achievements are more evidence that Solarmer’s portfolio of polymers is the strongest and most diverse in the industry."

Solarmer is demonstrating the plastic solar panel in a solar messenger bag, GPS navigation system, and cell phones.

"Solarmer has made great progress developing plastic solar panels, but we could not have done it without our academic partners, University of Chicago and the University of California, Los Angeles," said Woolas Hsieh, Founder and President of Solarmer Energy, Inc. "I’m glad and proud we’re advancing plastic solar technology towards commercial success."