SMP Completes Fuel Cell Electrocatalyst Development

March 11, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Superior MicroPowders LLC (SMP, Albuquerque, NM) announced that it has completed the design, fabrication and testing of its combinatorial synthesis tool for the development fuel cell electrocatalysts. The company has implemented a combinatorial capability for the development of new electrocatalysts through its $5.12M US Department of Energy (DOE) contract, and it is the prime contractor on the program entitled "Development of High-Performance, Low-Pt Cathodes Containing New Catalysts and Layer Structure".

The company's Dynalyst™ electrocatalyst materials are engineered for use in proton-exchange membrane, direct-methanol, alkaline, phosphoric acid and metal-air fuel cell systems. The materials offer excellent performance, superior handling and are likely to offer significant compositional and cost of manufacture advantages versus traditionally manufactured materials.

Paolina Atanassova, SMP's energy materials research and development manager, commented, "The completion of this combinatorial tool is a major milestone achievement reached under SMP's DOE program. This is a significant step forward towards becoming optimally equipped to meet the aggressive cost/performance targets set forth by the DOE."