SiliconGate Debuts High Performance Power Management Cores

June 05, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

SILICONGATE LDA, a specialized supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, has begun demonstrating the high performance of its cores. Among the 11 cores being demonstrated are the company’s flagships: Nano Power RTC Oscillator; Ultra Fast Response dc-dc converter; and, Very High PSRR General Purpose LDO. And the novelties: PVT Sensor for Optimal Dynamic Voltage Scaling with Aging Compensation; and, Very High PSRR Class-D Audio Driver.

"We expect the attention to focus on two TSMC 65nm cores: the Ultra-fast dc-dc tested either with 1A fast load transients or a real GPU load and a new sensor for Dynamic Voltage Scaling that ensures a specified guard band with minimum power for all frequency, process, temperature and aging conditions, tested with a 32-bit pipeline multiplier," said Marcelino Santos, CTO of SiliconGate. "It is our first time in the US and we are very happy to be here."

SiliconGate states that it offers the highest performance power management IP in two product lines: ultra fast high efficiency IP and ultra low power IP for SoC.