Scania Introduces New Fuel-Cell Bus Concept

May 24, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Scania (Sweden) introduced a new emission-free fuel-cell bus concept at the 54th UITP Public Transport Exhibition (UK). The bus is driven by a hybrid-electric propulsion system, including a battery buffer. The electric energy is generated by fuel cells using hydrogen as fuel. Brake energy is recycled.

The new bus is fuelled with pure hydrogen and exhausts only water. The operation of the propulsion system is claimed to be virtually emissions-free. The energy consumption of the prototype has been reduced by 60 percent, as compared to a similar bus with a diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission. Focus on all noise sources has resulted in a bypass noise level of 70dB.

Scania’s research partners in the project were Air Liquide (France), Nuvera (Cambridge, MA), the University of Genoa (Switzerland), and several other EU-based companies. Fifty percent of funds came from the EU’s non-nuclear energy program. The overall project’s budget runs at 4.3 million euros.

After finalization of the research project, the concept bus will undergo comprehensive testing to assess the potential of the new technologies.