Sanyo Special Steel & Hokkaido University Develop New Fuel Cell Seperator That Triples Fuel Cell Output

December 02, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd., has developed fuel cell seperator technology that is expected to triple power output increase for the first time in the world.

This development, to increase power output, is focused on the structure of the separator. Conventional-type separator and a different groove entirely new structure by applying, for example, mobile phones and portable equipment such as notebook PC is expected to be handed directly to the development of methanol fuel cell’s output significantly to the practical level can be improved. In addition, this will contribute in the development of practical applications for car and home polymer electrolyte fuel cells.

The research and patent pending seperator technology was a joint effort of Hokkaido University in collaboration with Associate Professor Toshio Sudou.

The new seperator has a completely different groove, spherical metal powder is sintered porous material from the body through the use of flow path, improving the basic performance of a direct methanol fuel cell power output by three times.

Sanyo Special Steel claims that it has achieved more than 134 (mW/cm).

In the future, such as electrolyte membrane catalyst and the other part of the fuel cells by the combination of improved technology and further improve the power characteristics, aims to put to practical use and commercialization.