ReliOn Fuel Cells Achieve CSA Approval

November 29, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

ReliOn announced it has received ANSI/CSA America certification for its T-1000™ and T-2000™ fuel cell solutions. The certification was completed under ANSI/CSA FC 1-2004, Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems, which is the most current and comprehensive standard for certification of stationary fuel cell systems.

ReliOn's I-1000® fuel cell is sold under CSA certification gained in 2003. With the addition of the CSA FC 1 certification to the T-1000™ and T-2000™, ReliOn is poised to accelerate deployment of these products into North American backup power applications.

CSA is a leading provider of international product testing and certification services. CSA certification assures potential customers and users that a product has been evaluated by a formal process involving examination, testing and follow-up inspection, and that it complies with applicable standards for mechanical, electrical, hydrogen and software performance and safety. Certifications such as this, the CE mark and Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) test completion, announced in the past two months, are key milestones, as they validate the safety and quality standards by which ReliOn products are designed and manufactured.

"The addition of CSA certification for our latest series of products provides assurance to our customers that our products meet the most stringent testing and quality requirements," remarked Gary Flood, President and Chief Executive Officer of ReliOn. "The T-1000™ and T-2000™ are among a very small number of fuel cell products which have attained this certification."

ReliOn's hydrogen fuel cell products provide highly reliable, low maintenance backup power between 600 Watts and 12 kilowatts to communications applications. ReliOn is completing further certifications on the T-1000™ and T-2000™ fuel cells within the United States.