ReliOn Fuel Cells Achieve CE Approval

October 03, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

ReliOn Inc. announced it has received CE approval for its T-1000™ and T-2000™ fuel cell solutions. ReliOn’s hydrogen fuel cell products provide backup power between 600W and 12kW to communications applications. The CE mark on a product indicates that a company has met all applicable performance and safety requirements for the European Union. This process includes stringent testing for electromagnetic interference (EMI) thus ensuring that the product is well-suited for applications powering telecommunications equipment.

Gary Flood, President and CEO of ReliOn commented, "These product certifications are another indication of the commercial readiness of our new products. They are key to providing customer confidence in our technology as we continue to expand sales of our fuel cell solutions in the European market. The testing we have completed in pursuit of the CE certification demonstrates that our products are highly reliable for communications applications, which are our primary focus."

ReliOn is in the process of completing further certification procedures on the T–1000™ and T–2000™ fuel cells within the United States.