RECOM Power adds Sager Electronics as a Distributor

October 21, 2019 by Paul Shepard

RECOM Power, a manufacturer in power supplies specializing in ac-dc power supplies and dc-dc converters, switching regulators, and LED drivers, has revealed they have added Sager Electronics as one of its trusted distributors.

Paul Kopp, Director, Supplier Marketing and Product Management for Sager Electronics states, “Renowned for developing and manufacturing the latest converter technology, RECOM Power boosts our ability to provide customers state-of-the art power solutions. Their standard-setting dc-dc converters, switching regulators, LED drivers and ac-dc power supplies are a great complement to our product offering, and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

Christoph Wolf, President of RECOM Power, Inc. mentions, “Sager Electronics’ and its specialized group, Sager Power Systems, are an excellent fit for RECOM’s extensive portfolio of over 30,000 compact power supplies. Their network of Power Systems Sales Engineers and their expertise designing in and selling power supply products makes them an ideal distribution partner.”

About RECOM Power

The RECOM group is a power supply manufacturer from Austria with over 45 years of experience in developing and manufacturing the latest converter technology in a power range from 0.25W to 960W. Worldwide customers have access to the largest selection of dc-dc converters and ac-dc power supplies on the market plus a broad range of switching regulators and LED drivers, all of which comply with international safety standards and carry the latest certifications.

About Sager Electronics

Sager Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of TTI Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, is a North American distributor of Interconnect, Power and Electromechanical components from leading manufacturers worldwide and a provider of value-add solutions. Grounded in over 130 years of innovation and service, Sager Electronics provides customers and suppliers a unique combination of operational excellence and innovative business solutions through its Distributing Confidence® business model. Headquartered in Middleborough, MA, Sager Electronics operates a national network of field sales representatives and power systems sales engineers, strategically located service centers across North America, a value-add Battery Solutions Center in Lisle, IL, and a value-add Power Solutions Center located in Carrollton, TX.