PULS Opens New "Green" Factory in Czech Republic

July 11, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

PULS has opened a new manufacturing facility at Chomutov in the Czech Republic. The new factory is solar heated and conduction cooled by the material of the building itself combined with automatic window venting. Virtually all light is natural sunlight regulated by solar controlled blinds.

The new factory is 6,200m² and will eventually employ 350 people and represents an investment in European manufacturing by PULS of €17M. €8M has been spent on ensuring the manufacturing systems are the most efficient available and include; two highly advanced Siemens SMD assembly lines, a partially automated warehouse, three nitrogen solder lines, twenty two PCB and functional test systems, two automated optical inspection systems and a laser marking system for PCB traceability. Particular attention has been paid to end product burn-in, frequently an area of high energy waste in the manufacturing process. Twenty burn-in racks have been installed incorporating an energy reclaiming system. Electronic loads are used to recycle output power of all units under test back into mains electricity rather than be dissipated as heat. This is fed back into the factory’s power supply achieving an 84% energy saving over conventional burn-in testing.

Harry Moore, Managing Director of PULS UK commented, "PULS has been designing very high efficiency power supplies for many years now and every time a customer installs one of our products, they not only save themselves money in energy costs, but they are reducing their own impact on the environment. We have adopted the same approach in our new factory. Not only do our employees benefit from working in natural light in a green environment but we save operating costs ensuring PULS remain competitive while at the same time we are minimising our carbon footprint. Our new factory is a large investment in our commitment to continue to manufacture in Europe and use technology to reduce costs and improve the environment we all live in."