Pufin Power and Eurener Partner for “Made in Europe” PV Cells and Modules

June 18, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Pufin Power Group and Eurener have entered a partnership agreement to cooperate in the manufacture and sale of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules. The result of this agreement will be a totally integrated player in the photovoltaic production with five production sites in Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal. It encompasses all the production facilities of Pufin Power Group including; Solland Solar Cells (Maastricht — The Netherlands), El.Ital (Avellino — Italy), and Elifrance (Saint Etienne — France): and the manufacturing and marketing locations of Eurener Group including; Eurener Europe (Paris), Eurener Spagna (Alicante), and Eurener Portugal (Torres Vedras). The result is expected to be an increase in the production and selling of photovoltaic cells as well as photovoltaic modules with an industrial capability of 150MW per year.

It will also give a new meaning to the concept of “100% Made in Europe” products and it will provide not only the manufacturing of the photovoltaic modules but also the production of photovoltaic cells totally made in Europe by Solland Solar Cell, a facility of Pufin Power Group. As a result, Pufin Power and Eurener, will join the limited circle of the European and totally integrated players involved in the cells and modules “Made in Europe” production.

Massimo Pugliese, the CEO of Pufin Power Group stated:” The Agreement signed with Eurener reinforces my idea of photovoltaic products “Made in Europe” and currently rewards my belief also taking into account the introduction of custom duties on photovoltaic products come from China. I’m sure that our choice will be awarded as Eurener is one of the most important commercial player in Europe”.

Jean Ange Martin, CEO of Eurener Europe concluded: “The Agreement between Eurener and Pufin Power materializes the industrial and commercial strategy of two European Groups both involved into a long term vision. The synergy with Pufin Power reinforces our idea and our ability to be able to produce and give to European photovoltaic market modules of high quality, at the most competitive price and, above all, 100% European.”