Proton Energy Confirms HIPRESS Breakthrough

January 26, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Proton Energy Systems Inc. (Wallingford, CT), a leader in hydrogen generation and fuel cell technology and products, announced the successful high-pressure test of its new HIPRESS™ proton-exchange membrane (PEM) cell stack module, which passed the 1,000h mark of system operation at 2,000psi. The technology is suitable for space-limited applications requiring higher energy densities such as automotive fuel cells, telecom backup power and aerospace applications.

The technology has the potential to be a critical component to a number of aerospace platforms being developed for military and homeland security purposes. Proton also demonstrated the same design at 3,000psi over shorter time periods. The HIPRESS electrolysis cell stacks were tested in both the HOGEN® 40 hydrogen generators and UNIGEN® regenerative fuel cell units. During the tests, the HOGEN 40 hydrogen generators produced high-pressure gaseous hydrogen and oxygen from water without the use of mechanical compression. Proton's UNIGEN regenerative fuel cell produced hydrogen gas and oxygen, and stored the gases until needed. The two gases then were reacted in the fuel cell to generate electrical power with the only emission being water.