ON Semi Opens Second Wafer Fab in Slovakia

April 17, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

ON Semiconductor announced the expansion of its wafer-manufacturing facility in Piestany, Slovak Republic, with the opening of a second front-end wafer fab that will produce low-voltage MOS power devices.

The new fab uses the company's advanced MOSFET HD3e technology platform to manufacture power-management semiconductors used in many of today's electronic systems such as wireless, computing and automotive applications. The new fab will use 150mm wafers with sub-micron technology. The company designed the facility to significantly expand on its initial capacity in the minimum amount of time.

"We have hired 90 employees for the initial run up of this fab," said Walt Guy, ON Semiconductor general manager of the Piestany facility. "It took us less than one year to construct the facility, and install and qualify the equipment.

"ON Semiconductor selected Piestany for this expansion project because of the facility's track record of quality and on-time delivery," Guy said. "The sub-micron technology that we use propels Piestany to the next level and sets the stage for an even brighter future for this site. Over the next few years, our facility in Piestany should play an ever-increasing role in providing our customers with advanced technology and cost-effective capacity."

"These power-MOS devices are complementary in function to many of our analog power management products," said Bill George, ON Semiconductor senior vice president of operations. "Central Europe and China have become the growth pillars of our manufacturing strategy. Over the past three years, ON Semiconductor has doubled its Central Europe fab capacity to provide more than 21 percent of the company's total die supply."