Odyne Expands Production Capabilities Through Supplier Agreement with EnerSys

April 24, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Odyne Corp. announced a strategic supplier agreement with EnerSys, which will supply Odyne with Genesis® pure lead batteries for its plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as Odyne intends to increase production.

The Genesis pure lead batteries are claimed to provide a very high rate discharge capability, and to be suitable for long duration standby. With a claimed very low self discharge rate, high venting pressure and greater than 99.7% recombination efficiency, Genesis pure lead batteries are said to be designed for long reliable service, even in extreme environments. Genesis pure lead batteries are also claimed to be very durable, have a long shelf life, and are well suited for Odyne’s Plug-In Hybrid Electric vehicles that are frequently starting, stopping and have long idle times.

Roger M. Slotkin, CEO of Odyne, stated, "As battery technology advances and the price points improve, the advantages of plug-in hybrid technology are becoming more and more apparent. Utilizing a series architecture and our proprietary battery management technology, we can now reduce fuel cost for fleet operators by over 65% per mile when running the vehicle directly off a battery array that is charged by the regional electric power grid at nighttime off-peak rates. Our strategic relationship with EnerSys will help ensure a steady supply of batteries and provide even more attractive pricing for our customers."