NTT DOCOMO Ventures joins in Funding of Sunpartner Technologies

January 07, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Since mid-2014, Sunpartner Technologies decided to significantly invest for its development in Japan which represents a high potential as it is one of the most innovative regions in the world. The first partnerships have already been signed Q3 2014 with Japanese players to integrate Wysips® technologies into mobile phones or casing. Wysips transforms any surface into a solar panel that can generate its own electricity from light. NTT DOCOMO Ventures has become part of Sunpartner Technologies in order to support its growth. The fund raising initiated by Sunpartner Technologies will be finalized Q2 2015 to reach 8m€. Several discussions are in progress for the second round of 4m€ required to close the capital increase. Once Sunpartner Technologies raises 8m€, the company will reach a total of 35m€ fund raising.

NTT DOCOMO Ventures investment is a key achievement for Sunpartner Technologies. Indeed, Sunpartner Technologies plans to open an office in Japan beginning of 2015 and wants to sign new agreements with Japanese companies. NTT DOCOMO Ventures is the NTT Group's corporate venture capital firm. NTT group companies with a very wide presence in many market segments from smartphones to smart building has a perfect fit with Sunpartner Technologies strategic objectives.

In fact, the new fund raising by Sunpartner Technologies is dedicated to the launching of new international offices, including Japan, pursuing the preparation of the mass production of its new technologies. First products integrating Wysips technologies will be launched during 2015 in the field of billboards and signs, casing and smart watch, smart glass and mobile phones. This financing also enables Sunpartner Technologies to continue the investment in R&D by developing the Li-Fi receiver project, the SOLTEX project, based on a photovoltaic textile, and the PURPLE SUN project, a technology adapted to greenhouses applications.

"NTT DOCOMO Ventures, which seeks advanced and disruptive technologies, services and business models worldwide, is delighted to invest in its first French company, Sunpartner Technologies," said Nobuyuki Akimoto, Executive Vice President and COO at NTT DOCOMO Ventures. "Their solutions lineup with transparency technologies for solar products has high potential for applications covering a wide variety of glass surfaces."

Through this collaboration, Sunpartner Technologies will leverage the NTT DOCOMO Ventures leadership to find the right sourcing partners and the right commercial partners in Japan to develop its presence and market share. "We are very delighted to welcome NTT DOCOMO Ventures and it is already a great pleasure to work together and to imagine the future of Sunpartner Technologies. Sunpartner Technologies plans to be a leader in smart surfaces and needs to be accompanied by innovative leaders. NTT group companies including NTT DOCOMO, well known in the world for their very innovative position and experience, are a perfect partner for us in order to address the Japanese market, a strategic target due to the high level of technical requirements," added Ludovic Deblois, CEO and co-founder of Sunpartner Technologies.