More Technical Papers at DC Building Power Asia 2010

November 22, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

The program has been announced for the second annual DC Building Power Asia conference (DCBPA ’10) to be hosted December 13 & 14 in Tokyo, Japan. Sessions will include: HVDC for ICT Applications, Advanced Power Conversion, Implementing Green Energy, and Future DC Power Technologies. According to recent studies, the use of dc power can be ten-times more reliable and significantly more efficient compared with today’s ac-power designs.

"This year’s event includes more papers on more topics compared with last year," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "We also have a significantly expanded Advisory Committee with 16 members, being chaired by Keiichi Hirose, Senior Research Engineer at NTT facilities and internationally-recognized expert in dc power technologies. This will be a unique international meeting in Tokyo with English as the official conference language and simultaneous translation services," Shepard concluded.

This year’s event will include updates on several demonstration projects including: NTT’s demonstration of HVDC data center power, Intel Lab’s New Mexico energy systems research center 380Vdc micro-grid test bed, DC smart home demonstration project, Green energy dc-distribution system demonstration with grid connection, and others. Examples of the topics to be addressed at DCBPA ’10 include: International standardization of dc power; Integration of distributed generation resources; DC lighting systems; DC HVAC and other building systems; Guidelines for electrical appliances compatible with dc power distribution systems; Building automation and controls; DC microgrids; Issues to consider with implementing HVDC in data centers; Advanced components and hardware; Safety considerations; Standardization issues; Hybrid ac and dc power distribution architectures; Implementation of demand-side management; and more.

Among the international roster of speakers will be representatives from NTT Facilities, Hitachi, NTT Energy/Environment, Anderson Power Products, Fujitsu Components, Ericsson Power Products, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Nagasaki University, National Chung Chen University, Eltek Valere, Intel Laboratories, Seoul National University, Virginia Polytechnic University, and others.

The use of dc distribution can complement other trends in building power including the growth of ’green’ energy sources, use of wireless building automation systems, demand side management, the implementation of high-efficiency lighting, and more. And it can reduce construction and operating costs, improve flexibility and enhance sustainability.

DC Building Power Asia is a sister-event with Darnell’s Green Building Power Forum(GBPF). The Third-Annual GBPF will be hosted January 24-26, 2011, in San Jose, California.

The DCBPA’10 web site is at.