Microcell Corp. Delivers First 1kW Automotive Fuel Cell Core

January 07, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Microcell Corp. announced today that they have delivered the first 1 kW fuel cell core for automotive applications based on its novel microfiber architecture. A fuel cell "core" is a cluster of smaller, easily removable, tube-like fuel cell units with integrated current collection and heat exchange systems.

"This first generation automotive fuel cell core packs an unprecedented cathode surface area of approximately 3300 cm2 in a volume of one liter," said Ray Eshraghi, Microcell's President and Chief Executive Officer. "This translates into highly compact fuel cells for automotive applications." The design and construction of larger 50-100 kW units will be based on the modularity of these fuel cell cores.

At the center of the company's technology is the "microcell" design concept. Its extrusion-based scalable process for cost effective large-scale production, and the plug and play core technology distinguishes it from other fuel cell technologies. It incorporates all the critical components of a planar Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell in a single fiber ('microcell'). The microcell is around 500 - 1000µm in diameter and produced via an automated extrusion process.