Magnetek Signs Agreement with Nuvera Fuel Cells

March 01, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Magnetek Inc. (Chatsworth, CA), a leading manufacturer of power conditioners for commercial fuel cells, has agreed to provide a new generation of advanced power conditioners for fuel cell systems being developed by Nuvera Fuel Cells (Cambridge, MA).

The Magnetek power conditioners will invert the direct current produced by Nuvera's proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells into the alternating current required by most electrical equipment, and will enable the fuel cells to operate in grid-tied mode to utility power. Magnetek will deliver 75 kW and 5 kW power conditioners for Nuvera's DuAlto™ and Avanti™ fuel cell systems. Both companies expect demand for Nuvera's fuel cells to grow over the next five years.