inTEST Expands Induction Heating Lab Capabilities and Adds Location

April 10, 2020 by Paul Shepard

inTEST Corporation announced that its thermal segment subsidiary, Ambrell Corporation, is expanding its Applications Laboratory capabilities in the United States and Europe. Ambrell's Applications Laboratory, known in the industry as THE LAB at Ambrell (THE LAB), has long been considered the gold standard in the induction heating market. With applications laboratory facilities in Rochester, NY, and Hengelo, the Netherlands, Ambrell is expanding its laboratory capabilities to a third location on the west coast.

The new lab facility will be located in Fremont, California, specifically to serve customers in the western United States and will include hands-on demonstrations and parts testing of a variety of induction heating applications.

In addition to the new California location, Ambrell's Hengelo laboratory has recently undergone a significant upgrade including an increase in electric power capacity, and now allows for application testing using induction power supplies rated as high as 125kW.

The upgrade in the Hengelo laboratory - which serves customers in western and eastern Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland - also includes adding a wider range of Ambrell's power supplies, EASYHEAT™ (low-power induction heating) and EKOHEAT® (high-power induction heating), renowned in the industry for their ability to deliver fast, repeatable, safe and precise heating for the most demanding tolerances.

"Customers turn to THE LAB at Ambrell to explore the precision induction heating solutions required to solve their unique heating challenges," said Jim Pelrin, President and CEO of inTEST. "Our applications laboratory expansion project in Hengelo and California embodies the partnership, collaboration and continued commitment to strengthen the support we provide to our global customer base."

Scott Nolen, Ambrell's Vice President and General Manager, added, "Under the direction of Dr. Girish Dahake in the United States and Frank Kuster in Europe, THE LAB at Ambrell now offers an expanded geographical reach and provides state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to deliver innovative and effective heating solutions for the most challenging applications. As a leader in the industry, we're very excited to announce these important, value-added capabilities to existing and prospective customers worldwide."

About THE LAB at Ambrell

Ambrell's Induction Heating Applications Laboratory - known in the industry as THE LAB at Ambrell - boasts state-of-the-art testing equipment, a highly-skilled staff and an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility for brazing, heat treating, metal bonding, adhesive curing, melting, heat staking and numerous other processes. THE LAB is the gold standard in the industry and is where Ambrell solves the most challenging heating applications every day. Dr. Girish Dahake, Sr. Vice President of Global Applications, leads a worldwide team of elite engineers who are uniquely qualified to assist with heating process needs. The team's hallmark is the ability to consistently deliver performance excellence in one application after another. THE LAB's engineers have evaluated thousands of heating applications and are renowned for developing innovative and effective heating solutions that produce extraordinary results.