Hymer to Install SFC Fuel Cell in Hymermobile Motorhome

August 18, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Motorhome manufacturer Hymer AG (Bad Waldsee, Germany) announced that it will be integrating a fuel cell from SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG (SFC, Munich, Germany) into its Hymermobile S-Class motorhome, providing an autonomous energy supply. This technology sharing is the result of a three-year cooperation between Hymer and SFC. Beginning in September 2005, the SFC A50 fuel cell will be integrated as standard equipment in the S-Class, Hymer's premium line, to ensure full mains independence. For the B-Class and the B-Star-Line, Hymer offers the SFC A50 as optional equipment.

"Having achieved a breakthrough in technological development, we are pleased to now offer the SFC A50 for only €2,999.00," stated SFC Smart Fuel Cell Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Pieter Bots. "The unique combination of being environmentally friendly, highly reliable, and providing ultimate comfort makes this device the predestined source of energy for mobile leisure applications."

The SFC A50 is fueled by liquid methanol, which is supplied from 5 L fuel cartridges. By an integrated charge control, the device automatically recharges the battery of the motor home. Whenever the battery voltage decreases below 12.5 V, the device is automatically switched on to recharge the batteries. Depending on individual consumption, the SFC A50 supplies up to 100 Ah into the consumer batteries. With a single fuel cartridge the SFC A50 provides between 5 to 10 days of complete mains independence, depending on the season and individual consumption. Additionally, the fuel cartridge price has been reduced to €19.90 per cartridge.