Grove Fuel Cell Symposium to Be Held in London

March 30, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The Eighth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium: Building Fuel Cell Industries, will be held in London on September 24-26, 2003. The conference and exhibition will provide an up-to-date review of developments in all types of fuel cells worldwide, with progress in implementing them in stationary and mobile applications, and the infrastructure that is emerging.

The Grove Symposium, the eighth in the series, will bring together a multitude of interested organizations, which now have a direct interest in the success of this new power generator. It will provide a framework for discussion of new developments in the field as well as progress in demonstrating existing designs. A diverse range of manufacturers, electrical and engineering companies, energy suppliers and distributors, and financiers are becoming involved in the design, manufacture and installation of fuel cell power plants, and are expected to attend.