Energy Ventures Joins Apollo Resources in Hydro Project

May 08, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Energy Ventures Organization Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) announced that it has completed a stock purchase agreement with Apollo Alternative Fuels Co. LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Resources International Inc. Under the agreement, Apollo Alternative Fuels now owns 50% of the stock in Energy Ventures. The company has developed a hydrogen-producing prototype, and now with the collaboration of Apollo Alternative Fuels and its existing technology, will focus on continued rsearch and development to produce a unit that will provide the daily energy requirements to power a standard household on a daily basis along with enough fuel to operate the family automobile.

"We are going to educate the public first, the new Hydrogen Economy will soon be here," stated Energy Ventures Organization President and Director Conrad Vergara. "We will become a leader in common home and residential 'Zero Pollution Energy Solutions' (ZPES). Hydrogen is the most simplest and common element in the universe, though never found naturally in pure form, can be produced from a host of available resources, including water, natural gas, coal biomass, municipal solid waste, or scrap tires."