EEP Sister Site, Control, is Launching Control Automation Day

May 20, 2022 by Ian Hahn

Slated for June 21, Control Automation Day 2022 will take a full dive into PLC systems, and is set to be packed with keynote addresses, educational live sessions, and exciting giveaways from your favorite OEMs.

Though each strives to forge its own identity, EE Power is but one arm in a cadre of sites under the EETech Group banner. Since 2020, the original and largest of the lineup, All About Circuits, has held its annual “Industry Tech Days” event, a five-day trade show and conference featuring the biggest players in the world of electrical engineering.

Building on that momentum, EETech’s team over at Control Automation is for the first time launching its own one-day, virtual show for engineers on June 21. Featuring leading manufacturers, vendors, and integrators, Control Automation Day 2022 will provide an in-depth look at some of the most advanced programmable logic control (PLC) equipment orchestrating modern manufacturing. 


The Control Automation Team is launching Control Automation Day 2022 on June 21.


PLC systems are common, but new technology is constantly in the works, making continual skill development critical for engineers. Given this, it’s no surprise that Control Automation readers are so consistently hungry for PLC content, which is among the most popular topics across the various domains covered by the site.

To help engineers improve the fundamental troubleshooting and maintenance skills that make for smooth everyday operation, Control Automation strives to satisfy that hunger by keeping an attentive eye on industry leaders and the new products they produce.

At Control Automation Day 2022, leaders themselves will deliver keynote addresses, and sessions with live Q&A will be hosted by EETech’s very own electrical and mechanical engineering team. Together, attendees can bank on that tandem delivering comprehensive coverage of the exciting trends and information defining the PLC space, helping them to solve problems and meet future objectives. Oh, and have some fun, of course.

The goal here is to provide valuable insight to anyone looking for it, regardless of industry application or skill level. Whether you’re a student, entry-level engineer, or a seasoned control automation veteran, the Control Automation team will have something for you on June 21.


Keynote speaker #1 — Dan DeYoung 

Dan DeYoung, Rockwell Automation’s global business director for control and visualization, will deliver the first keynote address. 


Hear Dan DeYoung deliver his keynote at the inaugural Control Automation Day this June.


In his remarks, Dan will discuss customer and industry trends in the PLC marketplace at both the macro and micro level, assess the future roadmap for PLC technology, and provide clear guidance on when (and when not to!) upgrade a system.


Keynote Speaker #2 — Massimo Banzi

Massimo Banzi, Arduino’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, will address attendees with the second keynote. 


Massimo Banzi, Arduino's co-founder, will deliver the day's second keynote address.


With his time, Massimo will cover Arduino’s exciting new Pro series designed specifically for machine control, and will also provide a discussion of the product designs and features that enable smaller companies to develop solutions with open-source abilities, which is a rare feat when working in industrial environments.


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Control Automation Day will be fully virtual, and so you can tune in with your headset while working at your desk, from lunch in a local coffee shop, or from the cozy confines of your own bed to pick up some fresh insights about the future of the technology in your own facility.

Enjoy the day at Control Automation on June 21, and encourage your team to do the same as we work to help you and your fellow engineers craft an exciting future for yourselves, your organizations, and this planet we all call home. 

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