Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corp. Files Series of Cartridge Patent Applications

January 28, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

VIASPACE Inc. a company dedicated to commercializing proven technologies from universities, NASA and the US Department of Defense, announced today that its Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corp. (DMFCC) subsidiary has filed a series of patent applications worldwide covering innovations relating to efficiently delivering fuel from a fuel cartridge to a fuel consuming device, such as a fuel cell, while minimizing fuel leakage.

These patent applications cover innovations by DMFCC engineers as well as innovations made jointly with DMFCC’s Korean cartridge manufacturing partners, Elentec and SMC. Elentec Co., Ltd. is a supplier of lithium ion battery packs for portable electronic devices to OEMs worldwide including Samsung. SMC Co., Ltd., supplies lithium ion battery packs to OEMs of laptop computers, cell phones, PDAs, portable DVD players and other consumer electronics.

Dr. Carl Kukkonen, CEO of both VIASPACE and DMFCC, commented, "Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corp. is continuing its strong policy of patenting its intellectual property in order to provide a competitive advantage to the company. These patent applications reflect not only our internal strengths, but the inventiveness of our cartridge manufacturing partners in Korea on behalf of DMFCC. These partnerships are very important to our global business strategy."