Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Develops New Fuel Cells

March 25, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Scientists with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (China), a division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced that they have developed fuel cells that can be used in electricity-driven motor vehicles. The first mini-bus with such cells, having completed its trial operation in Shiyan, is claimed to be China's first fuel-cell vehicle with Chinese intellectual property rights. The bus is said to be powered with 5 to 10kW PEM fuel cells.

As of yet, reports indicate that the fuel cells have passed the appraisal of experts from the CAS. The government plans to start operation of a remote sea-bed robot, powered by the fuel cells, in a few days. To speed the industrialization of the fuel cells, the Dalian Institute has set up a new-energy power corporation, with five other units, for manufacturing the fuel cells.