Cota Wireless Power Gains FCC Certification under Parts 15 & 18

June 28, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Ossia partners may now license Cota Real Wireless Power for commercial, industrial, and business uses. The company anticipates consumer application in the near future. Cota is the first certified system to deliver the highest level of radio frequency (RF) power without requiring a motion detector or an exclusion zone.

Certification enables Cota to be marketed and sold in the U.S. This certification also demonstrates that Cota meets the standards set up by multiple international regulatory bodies. International expansion is expected in the near term.

The Cota technology FCC approval has key differentiators to any other approval currently on the market including:

  • Delivery of meaningful power at 1 meter
  • The Cota technology is designed to be inherently safe and avoids any potential obstructions. This means the Cota certification does not need an ‘exclusion zone' in front of the transmitter, nor does it need sensors to shut the system off when it detects movement.
  • The Cota system that received FCC certification operates at a much lower power level than any other transmitter on the market. The certified Cota system sends the highest level of RF power of any certified system. This means higher efficiency in power transfer and reliable safety.

This certification has commercial value for Ossia and its customers—it proves the core capabilities of Cota for wireless power delivery safely in the presence of people. This certification opens the door for future device and transmitter certifications on a range of devices and products our customers want to bring to market.

Cota technology delivers the highest level of RF power over air, certified up to one meter using a Cota transmitter operating at 2.4GHz.

Cota Real Wireless Power delivers meaningful power to devices at a distance while meeting all of the FCC's stringent Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) requirements for safety.