Collmer Intros New Line of PIMs

April 18, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Collmer Semiconductor Inc. (Dallas) introduced a new line of Power Integrated Modules (PIMs) manufactured by Fuji Electric (Japan) for implementation of 230Vac and 460Vac inverter motor controls from 1-15hp. Available in industry-accepted SA and SB packages, the modules include a three phase diode bridge (converter), six IGBT output stage with anti-parallel diodes (inverter), and seventh IGBT shunt regulator (dynamic brake). According to Collmer, the integration of all necessary power devices in one PIM isolated module allows the production of complete drives by the addition of a single printed circuit board and heat sink.The PIMs are available in ratings of 30A, 50A, 75A and 100A at 600V; and 10A, 15A, 25A, 35A, and 50A at 1200V. The 600V modules utilize Fuji's fine pattern PT technology for reduced losses, and the 1200V modules employ Fuji's NPT technology for maximum ruggedness at the higher stresses encountered on 480Vac applications. Similar PIM modules rated 1400V for use on 575Vac mains are under design.