CFCL Installs Fuel Cell Generator in Australian Office

July 14, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. (CFCL, Australia) and Szencorp Group announced that they have signed a contract to install an energy-efficient fuel cell electricity generator prototype in a commercial office building in South Melbourne, Australia. The fuel-cell-powered, small and smart, combined heat and power (CHP) unit supplies 1 kW electricity and heat for hot water. The prototype unit, designed and manufactured by Ceramic Fuel Cells, catalytically cracks natural gas rather than burning it, which results in high energy efficiency and lower greenhouse emissions compared to conventional coal-fired power stations.

Ceramic Fuel Cells CEO Brendan Dow said, "The micro-CHP is growing in prominence in the home and small-office market in Europe and the United Kingdom, and fuel cells and the hydrogen economy are generally recognized as the energy solution of the 21 st century. Our fuel-cell-powered CHP unit uses readily available natural gas and also has the potential to use renewable fuels such as ethanol or biogas. Another benefit is that it converts gas to electricity in a silent process without the noise of conventional generators."