Capstone MicroTurbines Exceed 3 Million Hours

December 15, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Capstone Turbine Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) confirmed that it has documented nearly three million hours, about 342 years, of aggregated runtime among its microturbine systems operating in North America and overseas. Capstone's MicroTurbine™ power systems, which have only one moving part and use no hazardous fluids, have integrated power electronics that control the system and have the capability to track hours of operation. Capstone has accumulated operating data on about half of the more than 2,400 microturbines the company has shipped since its 1998 introduction of the product. "Ultra-low-emission Capstone MicroTurbines help reduce energy costs and frequently increase power reliability," said Ake Almgren, president and CEO of Capstone Turbine. "Many companies that use Capstone MicroTurbines also use the system’s clean, dry exhaust heat to mitigate their costs in water and space heating, process drying, and even air conditioning by using heat-powered absorption chillers."